Childrens home based business.

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Last summer i was approached by my beautiful bride about building a lemonade stand for our then 8 year old daughter. So me being the wonderful carpenter and procrastinator I am, I kept putting it off until the dreaded "NOW" statement. Guys you know that look and one word statement. So I pulled my tired butt off the couch and went out to the garage and proceeded to put together a "table" for her to set out the next day to sell some ice cold lemonade. 

     That's when I started thinking, i've been mostly self employed my entire life, and if it was me that was selling lemonade, would I want this simple measly homemade table? nope... I started looking around the shop at what scrap I had, and started building. So being a carpenter and sign maker, I kinda went overboard with the stand, yes my bride made a cute sign too which helps. But a simple table out in the front yard would work just as well. 

     The big day arrived and out went the stand, the lemonade cups and napkins.  They were so cute out there (in the front yard under the protective eye of momma). Slowly the cars came by, and pitcher after pitcher sold. The girls closed up shop after a quick two hours, no matter the money flow, the boredom set in and the money was burning a hole in their pocket. So after paying for all supplies (yes its important to teach them about materials needed to make money) they had a cool 60.00 to split.  Money quickly split, and disappeared inside of purses, the girls ran off to plan their shopping trip. 

     As I put away the stand, I quickly did the math and was surprised at how well a child with a little bit of encouragement, can make some good summer spending money.  Make sure you take the time to instill good work values at an early age and they will work hard the rest of their life. Oh and if you need a great sign for your lemonade stand? send me a message and we will get yours made. 


Make a great day!


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